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Scrutinising Europe
May 2019

While Europe is not without its well-publicised macro challenges, Sam Morse believes it isn’t all doom and gloom for investors in the region. He outlines why now is an opportune time to focus on sustainable dividend growers and discusses where he sees potential in the Fidelity European Fund and Fidelity European Values PLC.

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Marina Gerner on Fidelity European Values PLC
MoneyWeek, March 2019

With Brexit only days away, this may seem “a strange time to be thinking of putting some of your… money into European stockmarkets,” says Mark Atherton in The Saturday Times. However, the gloom surrounding Britain’s departure and the European economy may have created an opportunity for “sharp-eyed investors to buy valuable European stocks cheaply”.

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Fidelity European Values in Money Observer
February 2019

Diversity rules with a mix of equity and alternative trusts in all the leading investment trust brokers’ house portfolios – but there are some names that keep cropping up, reports Fiona Hamilton.

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Rob Langston on Fidelity European Values PLC
February 2019

After years of restructuring and investor animosity, some European banks are beginning to look very attractive.

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Final Results Announced

The Company has announced its Final Results for the year ended 31 December 2018.

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Europe under the spotlight
1 November 2018

After a slight recovery of markets during the second quarter of the year, the overall market tone has remained cautious and there is uncertainty about the outlook in many directions. The ongoing trade wars with no apparent end in sight, the regulatory tariffs coming into effect, the squeezing of company margins due to pressures from input prices and wage inflation all leading to a combination of negative sentiment.

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Proceeding with caution in Europe
August 2018

Investors in continental European markets appear increasingly cautious of late. This is not surprising given that we are, most likely, in the later stages of the economic and stock-market cycles. There is also uncertainty about the outlook in many directions: political and economic. In particular, there is a growing concern that protectionism will slow the pace of global economic growth.

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Changes to investment objective, allocation of fees and management fees
May 2018

The Board of Fidelity European Values PLC have announced a minor change to the investment objective of the Company.

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