Subscription Shares - update

May 2019

The Board is pleased to announce that the Company has issued and allotted 1,213,003 Ordinary Shares in respect of shares arising on the exercise of the conversion rights attached to the Subscription Shares.

Shareholders will have a final opportunity to convert their subscription shares on 29 November 2019, when the exercise price will be 392.75p.

The decision on whether or not to exercise subscription shares should made on the basis of the information in the offer prospectus, which is available in the Subscription Shares area of the Company website. There is also available a guide to subscription shares and additionally a video ‘Understanding Subscription Shares’ to help.

November 2019 is the final exercise opportunity for holders of the subscription shares, with the exercise price being 392.75p.


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You should remember that the price of ordinary shares can go down as well as up so you may get back less than you pay for them. As Fidelity Asian Values invests overseas, the value of your investment may also be affected by movements in exchange rates. In addition, you should bear in mind that Fidelity Asian Values focuses on smaller companies, whose share prices may be more volatile than those of larger companies.

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